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ISTSS Invited Panel

Innovative Pathways to Healing Traumatic Stress: Perspectives from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

This panel will feature presentations from members of the ISTSS Board of Directors on innovative approaches for studying, preventing, and treating traumatic stress in diverse populations around the world.



Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GCTS) Invited Panel


Ongoing Armed Conflict, Child Maltreatment, and Global Prevalence of Trauma: the Added Value of Global Collaboration in Addressing Topics of International Importance

Trauma is a global issue. Traumatic experiences, trauma-related symptoms, as well as treatment approaches differ across cultures. Therefore, collaborating across national boundaries and traumatic stress societies joining forces will enhance our understanding and eventually benefit those confronted with trauma. The “Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GCTS)” is a collaborative initiative which consists of researchers and clinicians from around the globe and represents traumatic stress societies worldwide (ESTSS, ISTSS, JSTSS, ASTSS, ACET, SAPsi, KSTSS, CPA-TSS, DeGPT). It has an active student and early career section.

This interactive panel will start with an outline of the GCTS’ history, background, its principles and structure. Then we will illustrate the added value of global collaboration by highlighting three themes: Armed conflict, Child maltreatment, and Global prevalence of trauma and trauma-related disorders.

Special attention will be paid to GTCS’ added value to members at various career stages (from students to more advanced) and from different geographies, including how GCTS’ global network supported their careers (e.g., research and practice), what opportunities it created for them, how it helped them advance in, or amplify, their ongoing work/studies and address research and practice gaps between countries.

The panel will end with a discussion with the audience and may result in new collaborations!

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