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Armen Soghoyan

Department of Psychiatry, Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU)

Dr. Armen Soghoyan MD, PhD, psychiatrist, is the Associate Professor at Yerevan State Medical

University after Mkhitar Heratsi (YSMU). He is the President of Armenian Psychiatric Association

and the President of Armenian Medical Association. Currently he works as a scientific manager

at Psychosocial Recovery Center. He is the Editor in Chief of Armenian Journal of Mental Health.

Dr. Soghoyan is the Honorary Member of World Psychiatric Association (WPA). From 2005 to 2011,

he Operational Committee on Finance of WPA. Since 1997, he is a member of Network of Reformers of Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry, in 2005-2011 he was Board member of the foundation

Global Initiative on Psychiatry-Tbilisi.

Previously Dr. Soghoyan was a Head of the Licensing Agency at MoH of Armenia (2011-2013), the

Deputy Director at NUBARASHEN Psychiatric Center (2013-2015) the Head of the Agency for

Medical and Social Expertise (2015-2020). In 2016 he was involved in elaboration of the National

Mental Health Program of Kyrgyzstan as WHO expert.

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