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Elena Acquarini

SISST - Società Italiana per lo Studio dello Stress Traumatico
DISCUI, University of Urbino, Italy

Chartered psychologist and psychotherapist, she is Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at DISCUI - Urbino University where is Module leader of Clinical-Psychoanalytic and Trauma Psychological Assessment and Training Course leader (post graduate) of Trauma and psychosocial correlates (I lev.), Psycho-traumatology (II lev.), Trauma-informed care (I lev.), Developmental Trauma Disorder: from individual to family (II lev.) and Trauma-informed Schools (I lev.). As board member of the European Committee for ESTSS Certification in Psychotraumatology has contributed to develop the IT curricula for the certification.

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology - DISCUI, Urbino University (IT)

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