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João Filipe Veloso

Observatório do Trauma/CES – Portugal

João Veloso is a Clinical Psychologist specialist (activity in private and hospital schemes) working with children, adolescents and families (2000-...), (average of more than 1000 hours of annual clinic sessions).

Psychotherapist, he’s a Postgraduate in Psychotraumatology certified by the Observatory of Trauma – CES – Coimbra University - European Society for traumatic stress Studies (2014), Trainer for the European Network for Traumatic Stress/TENTS –TP (2012 - …)

Researcher – Observatory of Trauma - CES – Coimbra University – (2015 - …).

Coordinator of Psychological intervention in Emergency Situations for the Association of Sanitary Formations (ANAFS) (2008-...) (NGOD Civil Protection/Crisis Management).

Certified Portugal and Europe EMDR Practitioner and consultant and Certified Portugal and Europe EMDR Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer for Children and Adolescents.

Certified Training on Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) (2013 - …).

He has several presentations at International Conferences regarding EMDR C&A, children, attachment and Trauma.

He also works in Crises Management Centers, private practice and Hospital SAMS Center

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