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Nino Makhashvili (Co-Chair)

Foundation GIP - Tbilisi, Mental Health Resource Center, Ilia State University - Georgian Society for Psychotrauma

I am a psychiatrist and over the years have worked in in-patient and outpatient mental health services in Georgia. Nowadays, I serve as a head of the Mental Health Center at Ilia State University in Tbilisi, having positions also as a director of the multidisciplinary MA program in Mental Health and a co-director of the Ph.D. program in Public Health. My research interests include the mental health needs of war-affected populations, systems of mental healthcare, and human rights in mental health.

I am also a director of the non-profit foundation “Global Initiative on Psychiatry-Tbilisi” (GIP-T), a member organization of the Federation GIP.

Together with my team, I work to advance mental healthcare in Georgia and other countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, etc.

GIP-T is supporting deinstitutionalization processes, and community-based care development, and is lobbying for rights-based mental healthcare.

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